About eNetReality™

eNetReality™ gives you everything you need to create and deliver your own VR learning and assessment experiences for your workforce. Upskill your learners by placing them inside the simulated environment you have created enabling a fully-immersive experience of a 360° environment they can interact with.

Why eNetReality™?

Easy to Use

The intuitive editor enables non-technical people to create VR assessments without a single line of code.

Cost Effective

Save time and money by creating, editing, and updating your VR assessments within your organization at any time.

Track Compliance

A smart, efficient training process, with robust audit trail, giving you the confidence that your compliance obligations are being met, while measuring competency.

Scalable and Integrative

Create training that can be shared with your employees, no matter their location with multiple options from integrating to your Learning Management System or sending assessments via links.

Using eNetReality™, you can create VR assessments that:

Bring real-life workplace situations in a controlled environment with the ability to regularly update and change.

Create consistency across the board with flexibility for each learner's needs.

Gain an insight into your learners assessment experience through comprehensive reporting.

Build your own VR assessments in 4 simple steps


...your own imagery, 360° footage, 3D models, or import library footage to get the content you need.


...your VR experience quickly, including options such as hotspots, quizzes, timebased events and more!


...your VR experience across your organization easily and assess your learners in a scalable manner.


...the results using xAPI or SCORM to help assessors measure a candidates capabilities, practical knowledge and competency.

Our partners

As a VR enthusiast, I’ve always been excited by the possibilities of VR for assessment. The college is also very forward thinking in this respect. Now, eCom’s VR assessment authoring tool, eNetReality, has helped us bring our vision, to provide our students with the opportunity to take some of their assessments using VR technology, to life. eNetReality offers a great user experience and helps us track the outcome of each student’s assessment.

Douglas McMillan

Director – The Faculty of Creative Industries, Fife College

SQA is delighted to be exploring how VR can be used to enhance the assessment experience for learners and to be working with eNetReality and our college partners who are helping us realise the benefits.

Martyn Ware

Head of Business Change – Assessment Futures & Business Change, SQA

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